GA Meeting Minutes

BULSIM General Assembly Meeting Minutes

The Meeting Minutes* of the General Assembly record the statements, suggestions, voting results and the decisions taken by the members of the Association.

*The documents are available only in Bulgarian.

ОС Протокол 2010-10-12365.2 KB70
ОС Протокол 2011-02-24361.8 KB58
ОС Протокол 2011-06-16337.9 KB51
ОС Протокол 2011-08-16358.4 KB51
ОС Протокол 2012-03-15303.3 KB49
ОС Протокол 2013-02-21491.0 KB49
ОС Протокол 2014-11-13533.8 KB54
ОС Протокол 2018-12-05386.4 KB166