Control Committee

Assoc. Prof. Emiliya Saranova
Assist. Prof. Irena Nikolova is Control Committee Member at BULSIM. Irena is a researcher with more than 15 years of experience in the field of defense and security economics, crisis management, project management, economic analysis in the field of computer assisted exercises, training, analysis and lessons learned. Irena has Ph.D. in Automated systems for information processing and management, specialized in project management, marketing, training and customer support. She participated in several projects applying modelling and simulation in the area of civil protection and defense. Irena is a General Manager of a company provider of advanced simulation and training solutions and services. She has a number of publications in the field of financial management of research projects, economic analysis, development of Balanced Scorecard for assessing performance, optimization, planning and developing systems for crisis management and computer assisted exercises.
Georgi Dukov