Coherent Labs at SEE 2018 Conference

In NASA Simulation Exploration Experience 2018 industry conference panel on Thursday 10th of May, Angel Venkov presented Coherent Labs, its product portfolio and share how disruptive gaming technologies are advancing in the serious simulation industries, such as military training, crisis management, healthcare etc.

Angel Venkov is a Vice President Global Sales at a Bulgarian high technology startup Coherent Labs. In parallel to coordinating the Business Development in the company (45 employees total), Angel is also in charge of the Serious Games and Simulation Division. Angel is member of BULSIM.

Coherent Labs is a middleware technology company, providing user interface platform for games and real-time applications. The majority of its 300+ customers portfolio are game development studios, among which are some big names such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Gearbox Software etc. For the last 5 years Coherent Labs has been powering the user interface of major international projects for the United States and European Union. Couple examples are Cubic, working on a multi-million dollar Littoral Combat Ship training simulation environment for the US Navy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States.


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