BULSIM at the Scientific Conference “Information Security. Defending against Cyber Attacks”

BULSIM experts took part in the Scientific Conference “Information Security. Defending against Cyber Attacks”, jointly organized by “Telecommunications” Department and “National and International Security” Department at the New Bulgarian University. The accents of the presentation session were the standards in the computer and information security, the approaches for analyses and defending against cyber attacks, the methods for crypto-analyses and the security of the modern communications.

The Chairman of  BULSIM Mr. Nikolay Tomov presented “The Role of Computer Assisted Exercises in the Information Security”, where he outlined the effectiveness of the Computer assisted exercises (CAXes) in the process of training the decision makers, government experts and the technical staff aiming to ensure high available protection of the critical information infrastructure at any organization and institution. In his presentation Mr. Tomov pointed the benefits of conducting Computer assisted exercises and simulations with examples from recently accomplished international exercises in Europe – CYBER EUROPE 2010, CYBER EUROPE 2012 and in Bulgaria – SEESIM 2012 and „CYBERWINTER 2011“. „CYBERWINTER 2011“ exercise was entirely planned, conducted and analysed by BULSIM experts, while in SEESIM 2012 BULSIM participated as an active observer.

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