ITEC’s 30th Anniversary

BULSIM will celebrate ITEC’s 30th anniversary in 2019 in Sweden between 14-16th May 2019. Presenting a unique overview of the industry’s latest innovations for military training, education and simulation ITEC three-day conference agenda features three core conference streams, with each track delivering an impressive line-up of speakers and diverse session content:

  • Human Factors and Performance in a Connected Age will consider core human, social, cultural and behavioural aspects of the training space, including the utility and design of joint, interoperable military and civil exercises, and human–machine collaboration and teaming.
  • Technologies and Architectures will represent the core technical theme for ITEC, focusing on technical developments advancing the use of collaborative, cooperative, or innovative processes.
  • Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Needs, Emerging Solutions will focus on advances in large-scale, distributed collaboration and training, cyber and physical security training and education, and the application of mixed, augmented, and virtual reality in high risk or high security training environments.

ITEC is the annual forum where representatives from across the military, civil sector, industry and academia connect and share knowledge about simulation, training and education. Presenting a unique overview of the industry’s latest innovations, the event provides visitors with a platform to discuss developments in this evolving market and exchange ideas about future requirements for military training and simulation.

Register your place to join the ITEC Community on 14-16 May in Stockholm. This event is FREE for serving Military/Government.

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