BULSIM assists people and organizations from research, state, corporative and non-government sectors by means of analysis, consultations, education and training, for which the competences and capabilities of members, as well M&S tools and applications, will contribute for their growth and positioning in the society and market. Oriented to individuals and organizations from public and industrial sectors.
Target Groups BULSIM main activities:

  • Collaboration with national and international M&S organizations
  • Transfer of Knowledge and experience and Information exchange
  • Conducting trainings and exercises
  • Organization of conferences and seminars
  • Analyses and consultations

BULSIM members are experienced in:

  • Design and development of decision-making support systems for crises management
  • Design and development of virtual simulators
  • M&S of natural hazard events
  • Design, deployment and conducting of computer-assisted exercise and training environments
  • Usage of M&S tools for decision-making support on operative and tactical level in combat operations
  • Business simulations
    The competence of the Association increases continuously due to growing number of new experienced members.